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Everything that I do on safari is centred on ensuring that my guests have the best possible experience. I have been fortunate enough to travel the continent far and wide on a regular basis which means that not only do I have first hand experience in a number of regions, but I also have had the opportunity to capture my own images from these regions.

A photographic safari hosted by me is all about you!

Don’t take my word for it though, see what others have to say…


“Andrew’s photographic knowledge and ability is imparted with such concise instruction, his explanations are easy to follow adding such value to the trip.”
“The critical mix of game guide and photographer in your hosts is a significant USP for me. The service ethic and wildlife awareness is a true pluses that make you guys stand out”
“  Andrew made sure that we were informed every step of the way, assisting were he could making sure we happy and settled. During the drives he constantly made us aware of settings and other important issues with regards to the photographs we were taking. I get so wrapped up in making sure I get a sharp image I sometime don’t look at alternative ways of making the photo more striking. Furthermore the trip was amazing letting us experience things that we have not done before, well at least I have never photographed or glided down a river in a Makoro, or taken photographs from a helicopter,  having no doors or windows restricting  the view absolute freedom to be creative and brave at the same time. Thank you Andrew for helping me to see and photograph thing differently!”
“It was because of Andrew’s extensive knowledge of animal behavior that he was able to anticipate what was going to happen when we saw some lion cubs and an ant heap. He told us exactly how long to wait, were the driver should position the vehicle , what our settings should be, and when the anticipated action happened we were able to get the best photos. it was exhilarating and so satisfying. A highlight of my life!”
“Andrew continues to amaze me with the creativity of the ideas he proposes, all in an effort to encourage me to stretch my photographic vision just a little bit further each sighting. He is exceptionally patient, thoughtful, and strongly dedicated to his clients and to the natural world”
“I have learnt so much from Andrew. He has certainly given me much more confidence in the use of my camera and Lightroom. Excellent teaching skills, well organised for his clients, always attentive to their needs both personal and technical. Kind and considerate. No need to comment on his photographic skills because they are amazing to the amateur that I am. I also enjoy his approach to photography from a point of view of thinking out of the box and being more creative, artistic and abstract.”
“I deeply appreciated your generosity, both with your time and knowledge. Your creative use of photographic skills, both in the field and in processing images, added a wealth of tools that I can use now and, provided I remember them all, during future safaris. Thank you!”
“Andrew is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher. He does exceptionally well at predicting animal behavior allowing for the best possible composition. He pointed out changes in lighting and recommended corresponding changes in exposure. He always ensured that we were in the best location in the vehicle to get the best shot possible. Although both Mike and I still have a long way to go to get where we want our photographs to be, we feel our trip with Wild Eye improved our photographic skills more than all of our other trips combined.”
“Andrew is very organised and personable. He has great attention to detail and addresses any issues or queries quickly and efficiently. He shares his photographic knowledge very willingly and challenged me in a number of ways photographically. He also assisted me in setting up my new camera gear. I had been struggling with it and my images showed a great improvement. I shot in difficult lighting with Andrew’s guidance and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I highly recommend Andrew and Wild Eye to those wishing a photographic experience in a variety of settings in Africa.”
“Andrew has great knowledge of the gear as well as the wildlife , trees, birds etc and he also showed me a few nice tricks on LR! He is very professional and it was great having him there showing me new techniques photography wise, like the star and low light photography techniques which I was not familiar with..”
“I discovered Andrew & Wild Eye unintentionally one afternoon while on Instagram – what a great find, wished I found them sooner. Had an all round great time on the Madikwe Photography Workshop – Andrew Beck open my eyes to a different side of photographing wildlife , the only negative was the trip was too short. Hope to join the Wild Eye team on another trip, in the future.”
“I have just spent 10 days with Wild-Eye on a photographic safari to Amboseli and Tsavo West National Parks in Kenya. These are two unique game parks which provide wonderful photographic opportunities. Andrew Beck was our host . He has first class technical knowledge and wonderful photographic awareness, continually suggesting  exposure settings and different ways to compose and shoot wildlife scenes. We spent long periods driving around the game parks in Wild-Eye’s 4×4 Land Cruiser which was very comfortable with large side windows and an open top from which to shoot.  Andrew always put his guests first and being a small group we got individual attention. All our arrangements were taken care of without a hitch. I will definitely being doing another photographic safari with Wild-Eye, it was a great experience and I return with new ways to photograph wildlife.”
“Andrew: In addition to your photographic expertise and advice, what I most appreciate is your thoughtfulness and the calming and grounded presence you bring to what are often quick and exciting encounters with wildlife.”
“Andrew was an excellent teacher! Every drive I went on with him he really spent a lot of time going over settings and discussing new and interesting ways to photograph what we were seeing. His encouragement and questioning really helped me to improve my photography by keeping me thinking ahead of what I and the animals were doing in the moment.”
“I always thoroughly enjoy my time with Andrew. He has an unperturbable patience, a calm and thorough teaching style, and I always leave a Wild Eye trip with him feeling like I have added new skills and pushed my photographic and technical boundaries a little more each time. I can’t wait for my next Wild Eye Adventure!”
“Andrew’s  way of putting the point across in the field works for me.  I also found his  attention to detail when hosting was outstanding. Look forward to spending more time with him later in the year.”
“Everything was just the the way I liked…starting with Andrew’s presentations, his patience, kindness and concern for us all.”
“Andrew was extremely patient and helpful at all times. Would highly recommend this course to beginner photographers, so that they learn the best practices first, rather than much latter in their journey. It is like a turbo boost to your photography journey.”
“Being my first photographic workshop I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this trip certainly exceeded expectations in every aspect. For me there was a good balance between theory and practical. I learnt so many new skills and am amazed at Andrews patience, passion and commitment. The organization, feedback, interaction was exceptional and the destination everything we could have wanted.”
“Andrew was just fantastic! Endlessly patient, kind, helpful, freely giving huge amounts of help both during the drives and when back in the lodge. A great organiser, making everything seamless and smooth and taking into account everyone’s different wishes. Great company as well as being the perfect leader.”
“Dear Andrew, Christine and I wish to thank you very much for organising the trip of our life to Motswiri Safari Lodge for our 50th Wedding Anniversary! We had an amazing time and the memory will remain with us for ever.The lodge and accommodation and food was outstanding, all the people there were so kind and obliging, we could not have wished for better.”
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